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We'Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn, the iconic feminist datebook, is a best-selling astrological moon c..


From Eleanor of Aquitaine to Madame Butterfly and Rhiannon to Sleeping Beauty, women have inspired g..


In her visionary paintings of ancient, mythological and fantastical creatures, Susan Seddon Boulet i..


The Celtic Mandala wall calendar presents the magical weavings of Welsh artist Jen Delyth. Jen's int..


Keep up with the increasing busyness of life--both magical and mundane--with Llewellyn's Witches' Da..


Calligraphy, art, inspiration - all Mary Anne Radmacher. Each month is a colorful and supportive r..


Vietnamese Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh, is a teacher, scholar, and peace activist who lectures throu..


We'Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn, the iconic feminist datebook, is a best-selling astrological moon c..


Empower your future--plan important events, set goals, and organize your life--with Llewellyn's Astr..


Timing is everything. Llewellyn's Daily Planetary Guide, the most trusted and detailed astrological ..


Magical Uses: Money, Love & Luck. 30 grams. ..


Herbal based vinegar used to sprinkle around the home and business, to wash away negative energies. ..


Amethyst is used to ward off evil, and to dispel drunkenness. It represents honor, and bravery in se..


To rid your home or business from harmful vibrations. To unhex your life. Sprinkle a small amount in..


Magickal uses: use when searching for a mate or friend. Arouses passion. The classic "Attrac..


We talk about how to choose a patron god. Included in the spellcast:Reasons to choose a ..
A set of seven pure beeswax tealight candles in plastic holders, colored in the seven colors of the ..


Oil pack contains eight 5 ml Chakra oil blends. In today’s world, we are battered by stresses from e..


Black Midnight Candle - Un-crossing / Jinx Removing - Remove the negative influences of others and y..


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Engraved Rune Stone Set
Rune Stones are used as a system of divination, decision making, and communication. They are the anc..



The Magical Blend is an online store specializing in esoteric supplies for various religions and creeds. The store has always served the Montreal pagan community in particular, but it has undergone many transformations since its opening in 1991; currently, it is an online-only store which features weekly podcasts and newsletters, as well as a blog and other social media. Over the years, we have grown to supply esoteric shops worldwide with our handmade products.